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Weekly Services

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Our spirit-filled services are designed to empower all those in need of immediate spiritual guidance and inspiration. Bishop Eddie Ferguson Sr. has dedicated his life to sharing powerful messages that have impacted his life through his own experiences, hours of studying, and building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Your are welcome to join us as we lift up praise to God and experience his powerful prescence!


Through our christian education classes, we are able to discuss the real issues we face as believers in a relaxed environment. Our mission is to equip everyone who attends with understanding, direction, and clarity for their purpose in life by using the word of God.


Sunday Christian Education



Life Tabernacle Ministries is a family oriented environment in which pray and study together. If you want to position your family in a place of continuous growth, our mid-week services are designed to answer your questions and provide a feeling of accountability as you learn grow with like-minded individuals. 

Sunday Service


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Life Tabernacle Ministries


  1. The Urgency of Family Devotion
  2. Prayer for the chaos in our country
  3. Simple Steps to a Healthy Family

Prayer and Bible Study

Wed. starting @ 6:30p.m.